I absolutely loved your show. I was carried away by it. Very magical. More people need to see this.
...A magical, beautiful journey that transported me in all ways. Thank you. Beautiful performance.
We loved the show. Very inventive and creative, great music, fun story line. Loved the imp... Look forward to our next stay at the hotel.
I thought the show was very creative, poppy, and especially cute. I liked it a lot!
A great show! A work of art and very impressive!
What a magnificent show!! I just loved it and the message is great. Your wonderful show made me travel all around!! Thank you!!
What a remarkable experience! Beautiful puppets, script and performance. Amazing flow of creativity!
What the visitors to the hotel have to say:

This art form is so important in our world. Thank you for all your hard work. Time flew for me during the
performance and it was over too quick!

who knew opera and mariachi music could blend so harmoniously
Puppets in the Garden
Welcome to the show!
Bon jour Phillipe!
A little mariachi and opera singing blend very harmoniously
Namir the Bedouin on his stroll
Oh oh! The imp getting up to his tricks...
Puppet workshop
trumpet ticket (446 x 248)

Understanding, inclusion, forgiveness, dreams, magic, creativity, friendship


Theater dimensions: 5 ft wide x 3 ft deep x 6 ft tall

Please send all inquiries

Or reach us by telephone:
818 268 4133

Come travel with us at Gigi’s magical hotel… Meet our delightful international puppet cast...

Woven with songs and sounds from across the globe, a colorful stage and hand made enchanting puppets...Come be transported in a sweet original story of a French hotel with exotic guests who arrive. A story of one mischievous guest, friendships formed, understanding and forgiveness. Adults love the performance as much as kids

In the era of high tech worlds, the simple magic of traditional European style puppet theater is potent at reaching into children's imaginations.

La Lune Enchantee (The Enchanted Moon) is a puppet troupe including Michelle Wilde and Melissa Lavabre. Michelle began her first puppets in 2000, inspired by found things and old fabrics, and she has since  performed for both children and adults in the U.S. and in Mexico, at festivals, cafes, libraries, and private events. Melissa Lavabre has had shows featuring her photography and paintings in Los Angeles and France, infusing all of her work with delightful charm from her native land of Buoux (Provence).